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Our robust combustion analyzers offer a lot of functions while being handy and easy-to-use. With Wohler analyzers, users can take care of any heating system. Heating systems should be tested every few years and more often when they are in use for a longer time. In some countries, there are even laws regulating this. Wohler combustion analyzers have several pumps for a valid and reliable measurement result. Among our systems, the Wohler A 450 system offers a large 5" color display. It can be bought in a standard or advanced set. The A 450 combustion analyzer comes in a nice-looking design and is handy. Of course, it is operated by a touch screen and is simple to use.

with O2 / NO / COH / NO2 / SO2
Item no. 5996
Standard Set - 10,000 ppm
Item no. 8387
Advanced Set - 10,000 ppm
Item no. 8389
Professional Set - 10,000 ppm
Item no. 8390
with Wöhler TD 100 Thermo printer
Item no. 7754
with Wohler TD 100 Thermal Fast Printer
Item no. 7757
with Wohler TD 100 Thermal Fast Printer
Item no. 7764
with Wohler TD 100 Thermal Fast Printer
Item no. 7765
Standard Set - 5,000 ppm
Item no. 8174
Kit 2 - Combustion Analyzer
Item no. 8177
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