Inspection Cameras

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Pipe Diameter
Recording Quality
Cable / Rod length
Focus function
for camera heads 1" / 1.5"
Item no. 7430
with camera head 1"
Item no. 6261
with 1.5" camera head
Item no. 6352
with 1.5" camera head
Item no. 7354
Push rod camera
Item no. 7498
with camera head 1" and locator
Item no. 8932
with camera head 1" and locator
Item no. 8937
with camera head 1"
Item no. 6253
with 1.5" camera head
Item no. 7082
Cable camera - chimney kit
Item no. 7459
with 1.5" camera head & cable reel
Item no. 12143
with 1.5" & 1" camera head
Item no. 8927

Wöhler inspection cameras are suitable for a wide range of applications. Most often they are used as pipe or chimney inspection cameras. Easy viewing is guaranteed by a color lcd display and excellent image quality. Both cameras are IP67 waterproof, but can also withstand pressurized water (IP68) with the miniature camera head. As mobile devices, the digital inspection cameras impress with their compact case design and battery powered operation. If the large lcd screen is not enough for you, you can also transfer the images and videos via memory card (SD card) to an external device and make them available to your customer.

The cameras are easy to use due to the high quality pan and tilt camera head with led lights and a semi rigid push rod. They are comfortable to operate and deliver crystal clear images even in hard to reach areas. There are also versions with camera cable available, which are especially suitable as chimney inspection cameras.

Our digital inspection cameras provide an excellent image in any environment, especially when used with the right accessories. Let us assist you and we will make sure that you are prepared for any inspection task!