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Our compact and robust combustion analyzers are perfectly suited for all applications around combustion analysis. Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and combustion air/stack temperature measurement to achieve better combustion efficiency are easier than ever before, as all values are available directly at a glance on the large 5" display (Wohler A 450 combustion analyzer) or 7" display (Wohler A 550 combustion analyzer). The flue gas analyzers are suitable for all common fuels including natural gas, pellts, oil, wood, etc. Whether for residential or industrial combustion analysis, with Wohler devices you are always well equipped. Different sets and product versions ensure that you always have the right device for your needs. The Wohler combustion gas analysers even allow you to replace our reliable & accurate sensors for combustion analysis yourself. Let us convince you of our practical design and the universal applicability of our combustion analyzers!

5,000 ppm CO
Item no. 8173
Standard Set - 10,000 ppm
Item no. 8387
Basic Set - 5,000 ppm
Item no. 8174
Advanced Set - 5,000 ppm
Item no. 8177
Advanced Set - 10,000 ppm
Item no. 8389
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Professional Set - 10,000 ppm
Item no. 8390
Basic Set
Item no. 7754
Basic Set
Item no. 7757
Professional Set
Item no. 7764
with O2 / NO / COH / NO2 / SO2
Item no. 2948

How to Buy a Combustion Analyzer: 5 Features to Look For

If not monitored carefully, your boiler could be emitting hazardous pollutants like nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides.

So how do you ensure effective monitoring?

Combustion analyzers are used to measure the amount of gas content in flue gas. This then helps you determine the efficiency of combustion in your equipment. If you have appliances like boilers, these can be great tools to improve your energy consumption levels, help maintain cleaner air, and improve the efficiency of your appliance.

However, with a lot of competitors on the market, it can be hard to narrow down on a single combustion analyzer. So here are a few features you should look for to streamline your buying process.

1. Accuracy Is Everything

A combustion analyzer's main asset is its ability to deliver accurate data. The data is why you're buying it, so inaccuracies will render the whole device inefficient. So read up on reviews and research the brand you're buying from.

Be sure to check the warranty policy on the product, in case something does go wrong after the purchase.

2. User Interface

A combustion analyzer might sound like a complicated device to maneuver, but it shouldn't be. A good analyzer should offer standard smart features like device connectivity, touch screens, and built-in data displays. Some even come with apps that allow you to view organized data.

3. Size Does Matter

The third thing you should consider is portability. A few years back, combustion analyzers were huge devices that needed to be lugged around. Now, along with a smart interface that's simple to use, being able to carry one around whenever you need it is a huge plus.

Luckily, some brands specialize in analyzers that are small enough for you to hold in your hand.

4. Maintenance

Keep in mind that ideally, you'd like to use your product for as long as possible. And during that time, sensor replacements may have to be made, filters replaced, and calibrations will have to be done.

So, while buying your analyzer ask several questions about its longevity and be sure to check company policy on repairs, part replacements and so on.

5. Battery Life

And finally, if you are buying a smart combustion analyzer, you will have to check the battery life. How many hours does it offer? How often do you have to recharge your device?

Also, consider the kind of battery being used.

Generally, you would want at least 4-6 hours of operating time through your device.

When It's the Right Combustion Analyzer, It's Worth the Investment

A good combustion analyzer will be more of an investment to you than a cost. Not only will it help you improve efficiency in your appliances, but it will also let you make adjustments on oil or gas systems. However, do keep in mind that not all analyzers come with these features, so do a lot of research and comparisons before you make your purchase.

Have a look at our range of analyzers here, and use our filters to find the perfect one for your needs!

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