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Wohler USA Inc. develops proper equipment for professional cleaning and maintaining (e.g. chimneys, flue-gas systems). Our cleaning tools are top of the line and make professional cleaning easier. Our high-quality tools make it possible to work safely and under the highest standards. Professional cleaning of systems such as heating, fireplaces and chimneys is part of the standard procedure and should not be underestimated: The potential risks posed by unmaintained systems (e.g. chimneys) are immense. Professional cleaning tools help skilled technicians to reduce the risk. Therefore, we offer cleaning supplies for chimney stacks and flue-gas systems as well as for cleaning ducts, pipework, and ventilation systems. In addition to brushes, vipers and rods, we offer a full line of stars and much more for professional use

with handle and belt clip
Item no. 2028
Item no. 9413
65 ft. with push head
Item no. 7648
Item no. 7649
32 foot
Item no. 4866
with digital distance measurement
Item no. 3790
16.5 foot
Item no. 4832
9 mm diam., 5 m long, with
Item no. 1464

Chimney Stack, Flue-Gas System and Ventilation System Cleaning Tools

Flue-gas systems, ventilation systems and chimney stacks require constant maintenance. For chimneys, for example, the primary reason for cleaning is the buildup of creosote and soot in the flue. There are numerous tips for self-help (e.g on the Internet) but we recommend professional maintenance (using professional cleaning tools), as unmaintained systems are a serious health risk.

We develop and manufacture different cleaning tools (e.g. for chimney stacks and flue gas systems) that make professional cleaning easier and more efficient. Our professional equipment will get the job done in any situation. Next to chimney stacks and flue gas systems, our cleaning equipment can be used for cleaning ducts, pipework, and ventilation systems. Wohler Vipers and Wohler Rotary Viper Vents easily navigate sharp turns. And our durable Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP) rods are built to last. Our threaded brushes and stars come in a variety of materials and sizes to help you tackle large and small cleaning jobs. These brushes and stars are flexible, so they can be bent and pushed through small openings. We also offer compressed-air cleaning sets, ideal for cleaning ventilation pipes.

Browse our product listing below to view our chimney cleaning supplies, as well as our other professional cleaning systems. If you would like to buy any of our cleaning tools, call us at 978-750-9876 or fill out our online form and we will call you. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you.

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