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Leakage test
Differential Pressure
TÜV certified
Temperature Probe
Temperature Display
Air Speed
Backdraught Testing
NO Sensor
Humidity / Dew Point
in plastic case
Item no. 7707
in plastic case
Item no. 11361
IAQ meter
Item no. 4750
incl. batteries, strap, pouch
Item no. 4486
with Wöhler FA 4xx measuring funnel set
Item no. 4155
CO2, humidity and temperature
Item no. 6648
incl. case
Item no. 4146
incl. bag
Item no. 7180
for wood and building materials
Item no. 8440
incl. batteries
Item no. 1388
Professional Set
Item no. 9152
Basic Set
Item no. 2412

Our combustion analyzers are both innovative and intuitive, featuring color touchscreens, ergonomic design, and data transfer via USB, Bluetooth, or infrared. We offer a range of combustion analyzers and test and measurement equipment to meet your specific needs. In addition to our combustion analyzers, we manufacture and sell digital manometers, fan anemometers, smoke test pumps, gas detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, infrared thermometers, wood moisture meters, differential thermometers, and wood moisture meters. Whether you’re analyzing combustion, air flow, air quality, humidity, pressure, or temperature, our test and measurement equipment will help you ensure your customers’ comfort and safety while maintaining efficient mechanical system operations.