Working with a Wohler combustion analyzer

The Wohler A 550 impresses with its large display, high robustness and user-friendliness.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority at Wohler. Our long-time client Steve Goodrich was so kind to share his experience with the Wohler A 450 and A 550.

For more than 80 years, customers have put their trust in Wohler equipment made in Germany. Shown here: The handy A 450 combustion analyzer

 I started out in the plumbing and heating business right out of high school as an apprentice. Not to give a way my age but I was 19 at the time. A Bacharach wet kit was the state of the art at that time for the set-up and diagnoses of that equipment. That style of kit worked very well for the information technicians needed to get the most efficiency out of the equipment. 

     Moving forward from that time, information requirements back then, to that of today’s equipment requirements is truly light years apart, not to mention Federal, State, and local government requirements that are coming. The importance of the initial combustion setup of the burner to operate with equipment to its highest efficiency capabilities is upmost in most good technicians’ minds, and not to mention the continuing maintenance that keeps that efficiency at its highest levels and unwanted or needed no charge service calls. 

      In the past 50 plus years, I have purchased or used a vast variety of analyzers for myself and the technicians that I employed. Looking back over that time most of the analyzers performed adequately for those times, my only regret is that I did not have a Wohler analyzer back then. 

       I personally own a Wohler A550 analyzer, which I use to demonstrate setup, maintenance, and diagnostic trouble shooting on live fire equipment. I also use an A450 in the combustion classes to show the different features of each analyzer.

       I hold an analyzer to a very high standard, as it is the most important piece of equipment that is carried in a service van, these are those requirements:

  1. Must have a single screen where all information is displayed without having to scroll through multiple screens.
  2. The information screen must be well lit and easy to read.
  3. It must have easy access to filters, water traps, for maintenance, plus ordering these parts must be doable and deliverable within a reasonable time frame.
  4. Factory service, calibration, and communication must be done in a very reasonable time and manor.
  5. Use of the analyzer must be easy to use and unencumbered.
  6. It must have graphic screens allowing visual examination of all combustion readings to diagnose where the combustion process is flawed.
  7. Affordability, a double edged sword. You will need all the information you can gather to work on todays equipment to make well informed adjustments. Having owned a Wohler for the past 20+ years ( having purchased my A550 in November of 2020) there is no analyzer on the market today that will match the service, reliability, ease of operation, accuracy of readings, factory service. 

I know the text is a bit long, but something as important as the Wohler analyzer deserves and requires more than just "great piece of equipment".

We would like to sincerely thank Steve for his feedback and look forward to continuing our excellent partnership.

If you are also willing to share your experience with Wohler equipment, please feel free to send us a few sentences to [email protected]. Thank you very much!

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