What to consider when buying a Combustion Analyzer

Woehler A 450
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When choosing the right combustion analyzer, you should be aware of the functionality you expect from your device. This will help to narrow down the alternatives available and ensure that you will enjoy your new instrument for longer. Sure, the analyzer should display the correct values and measure accurately, but what other features could be helpful? In the following, we will show you which properties you should value.

Woehler A 450
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In addition to measuring the carbon monoxide (CO) or oxygen (O) content, you may need other functions. These may include:

  • Measurement of flue pressure or draft,
  • stack or inlet temperature,
  • levels of gases as CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S,
  • Wood moisture,
  • Combustion efficiency or excess air,
  • Logger Function,
  • or a Tuning Guide for optimal adjustment of the combustion process.

If you know exactly which functions you need in advance - great! If not, we will be happy to assist you. Our flue gas analyzers offer different functions, probes and configurations, we help you to find the right device for your application.

Weight / Size

In terms of weight and size - less is more. A light and compact flue gas analyzer simplifies the work and makes everything easier. The second hand is always free to measure or do other tasks. More than 1.5 lbs can become quite heavy in the long run, so you better choose a compact and small device. Another positive feature is when the device has integrated magnets on the back, so it can be easily attached to a magnetic surface on the boiler, heater, kiln or furnace. The Wohler A 450 is a true lightweight with 1.37 lbs and can be held perfectly in the hand due to its small size. A 5" touch screen extends over the front of the device, which is very easy to read due to its size, even without reading glasses.


At work, something may fall down or bounce back and forth in the van if you are in a hurry. It is good to be equipped with robust tools. Our A 450 is light, handy, robust and can easily take many a hit. So you don't have to be afraid if the tool falls out of your hand. And if something does break, you can benefit from our fast service. Thanks to its modular design, the A 450 can be repaired and returned to you quickly and easily. Another advantage of the modular design - you can simply change the sensors yourself!


When buying the combustion analyzer, you should consider whether you just want to have a measurement result displayed, or whether you want to enjoy some comfort. Examples for comfort with the flue gas analyzer are the following:

  • A large display, which allows you to read the values at a glance
  • Touchpad operation, so you don't have to press buttons
  • Graphic display of the measurement results, e.g. to make it easier to find the right spot in the exhaust pipe
  • The convenient printout of measurement results on site
  • A tuning guide for optimal adjustment of the burner
  • and many more...

Wohler flue gas analyzers offer a variety of comfort functions that make work easier. The instrument is not only a means to an end, but a true aid to your work.

Smart Device & Communications

Apps are nowadays available for almost everything - why not also for exhaust gas measurement? Sure, in most cases you can get along fine without an app. But at some difficult measuring sites you might wish for a little support. With the free A 450 app it is possible to have the measured values displayed on your smartphone. If the measuring point and the adjustment controls of the heater are far apart, it is much easier to work this way. Simply set up a WLAN network with the A 450, connect it to your smartphone or tablet, and you can conveniently make settings on the burner and see the changes directly on the device. In addition, the measurement results can be sent to the customer using the app. Additionally, the flue gas analyzer offers 1,000 memory slots for customer data and 16 pre-set fuel profiles. Really smart!


For many - if not most - the price is the deciding factor. Of course you don't want to spend a dollar too much, but is the cheapest always the best product? Probably not. You can get to your destination in a cheap car, but it's certainly less fun than in a top-of-the-line car. And at work it should be a little bit of fun, too. After all, you usually use a combustion analyzer for a couple of years, so a little comfort and user-friendliness certainly won't hurt. We at Wohler offer different flue gas analyzers in different configurations and are happy to assist you in your choice so that you do not pay more than necessary.

Battery life

You know it from your smartphone only too well - you forget to let the phone charge overnight and get frustrated the next day. The same thing happens sometimes with the flue gas analyzer. A good thing, if the instrument can last a few days extra. With the A 450 you can measure for 6 hours nonstop, so it is not so bad if you forget to charge it. The modern lithium-ion battery can also be recharged quickly, so you never have to cancel an appointment because of lack of power.

In the end, it is of course up to you to decide which points are important to you when choosing your combustion analyzer. But we would be happy to help you with your decision. Contact us and we will gladly assist you!

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