The Wohler VIS 350 inspection camera in action

Inspection cameras from Wohler are suitable for a wide range of tasks, be it the inspection of ventilation ducts, flue systems, industrial machinery - or, of course, sewer pipes.

Jonathan Cameron of Cameron Home Inspections, St. Louis, MO, was so kind to write a few words about an experience with our VIS 350 inspection camera:


As a professional residential inspector, my highest priority is providing my clients with the most thorough report on the condition of their property as possible. The importance of a sewer lateral inspection cannot be overstated - I routinely find significant defects like the root intrusions in this photo. My VIS 350 is the perfect tool for giving my clients peace of mind upfront. The camera is compact, self-contained, easy to use and clean, and provides the image and video quality my clients expect. 

Thanks for the testimonial and the photo Jonathan!

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