Testimonial: Wohler VIS 350


At Wohler, we pride ourselves in providing cutting edge technology to help grow your business. Don’t just take our word for it; hear from the pros why you should invest in a Wohler inspection camera to help boost your company’s profits!

“About one year ago I bought a VIS 350 plus from Peter Hopkins and United Infrared. It was quite a bit of money to lay out especially coming out of the slow months. Me and my other Home inspector starting doing sewer scans during home inspections. I had no other training other than what Peter provided online. I took his course which gave me a level of comfort in what I was doing. Of course there is a learning curve as with all new things but it is really easy. The course was informational and comprehensive and I’m glad I took it.

We added another home inspector so there are three of us. I decided to buy another camera, this time just the VIS 350 which was a little less cost. This month of April we have done 25 sewer scans at the same time as our home inspections. We charge $150.00. The most time I have spent doing these is about 15-20 minutes plus the upload time into computer and finally a YouTube video. We use Screen cast-o-matic to make a video of the sewer video so we can describe what we are seeing and then upload it to YouTube and email it to client and agent involved so maybe another 15 minutes. It is a great add on service for our business. All my guys love it because it's so easy and they get a raise since I pay them a percentage of total fees.

One more thing, my inspector buddy from another company bought a cheaper camera, half the price, but has already had major wear problems and has stopped doing them. The Wohler camera is a well-built quality German engineered tool. I broke the cable on my first unit which prompted me to buy the second unit. I did have a bank of LED lights go out so I shipped it back to them to repair. The lights were covered under warranty so no charge. They paid for shipping. I did have to pay for new cable but that was expected. Not too bad of a fee to do the new cable, less than 6 sewer scans to pay it back.

If you are thinking of doing this, you won't regret it. I incentivized my scheduling person for each sewer inspection she booked she gets 10 bucks. She is happy, the guys are happy and I'm happy.”

Raymond Overton,  Hawkeye Home Inspections, CA


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