Start of the New Year with new Chimney Equipment!

Wohler VIS 400

From checking over your current inventory of equipment, to researching other tools you may need to help get the job done right, it’s time to make a game plan for the New Year!

Wohler VIS 400 Set

The end of the busy season is the perfect time for all chimney professionals to research their options for new chimney tools and technology.  Wohler offers a variety of chimney cleaning tools to tackle jobs large or small, and will surely add revenue to your business this upcoming New Year. Effortlessly clean chimneys, ducts, dryer vents and even pipes with our line of Vipers. Lightweight and complete with stainless steel cages that allow easy transport, Wohler Vipers are perfect for going from jobsite to jobsite.

Combining the Wohler VIS 400 Visual Inspection Camera with a variety of camera vipers, camera cables and camera heads make typical jobs such as Level 2 and Level 3 chimney inspections easy. Connect either the Wohler 2" diameter or the 1 1/2" diameter pan & tilt camera head to carry out a variety of inspections. Both of these camera heads pan 360 and tilt 180 while offering the best possible lighting. While inspecting, you can record with voice over capabilities for easy note taking while you work.

Interested in adding to your arsenal of chimney cleaning tools? Learn more about the Wohler cleaning tools and accessories:

  • Wohler Mini Viper: For navigating small spaces
  • Wohler Handy Viper M: Perfect cleaning tool for chimneys up to 10” diameter as well as ducts and dryer vents
  • Wohler Viper L: Perfect for sweeping chimneys and ventilation systems
  • Wohler Viper XL and XXL: Can be fitted with various cleaning brushes and camera heads for getting big jobs done quickly and efficiently
  • Wohler DH 420: Lightweight, offering digital distance measurement  

The Wohler Viper is perfect for bottom up chimney inspections! Contact your local distributor today to learn more! 

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