Product of the Month: Wohler DT 310 Differential Thermometer

Wohler DT 310

Wohler DT 310: Simple measurement of differential temperature and temperature measurement of flow and return surface temperature of water and flue lines

Wohler DT 310 Technical Data

The Wöhler DT 310 Differential Thermometer, PN: 6622, is a handy battery operated instrument designed to measure temperature differences. This feature packed device allows users to see individual temperatures as well as the difference between two measured temperatures. When taking measurements in dark areas, the bright backlight feature can be used to illuminate the measurement area. There are multiple optional temperature probes available for classes K, J, T.


  • Temperature differences, IE at the flow and return of heating pipes
  • Surface temperature measurement on water and exhaust pipes
  • Measurements of air and exhaust gas temperatures

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