New Wohler A 450 Residental Combustion Analyzer


The Wohler A 450 combustion analyzer is an affordably priced flue gas analyzer packed with valuable features and capabilities.

Wohler A 450 Combustion Analyzer

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With its rugged and compact housing, simple touch screen monitor and advanced sensor technology, the new Wohler A 450 provides the flexibility you need for your applications like checking furnace efficiency, boiler tuning, and water heater checks. Pair the Wohler A 450 with the new A 450 App. for Android and iOS to take hands-free measurements, review previous measurements and send digital records via email.

Compact and rugged with cutting edge Technology

The Wohler A 450 flue gas analyzer combines solid workmanship with a clear color touchscreen display. All measured values are displayed clearly at a glance. It provides the flexibility needed for a variety of applications like flue gas analysis, draft measurement, burner tuning guide, adjustment tasks on gas and oil systems and even solid fuel fireplaces.

The Wohler A 450 flue gas analyzer is compact and lightweight by design and is guaranteed to be user friendly. Intuitive to use, the menu consists of icons similar to that known from smartphones, simply tap an icon to open the individual menu item. In addition to the user-friendly convenience of the touchscreen this flue gas analyzer also offers the advantages that “smart devices” provide. You are able to transmit all measurement data to a mobile device (smart-phones, tablets by Android and iOS) per Wireless LAN. These devices can then display the measurements as numerical values or as a graph in the Wohler A 450 app. The app gives technicians the option of reading measurements already taken and also the ability to take new measurements through the app. This is beneficial in situations where measuring points are tough to access. The measurement data can be saved in different file formats and sent to the customer by email.

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