HVAC testing instruments designed for your application

Wohler offers a full range of HVAC testing instruments that positively indoor air quality as well as equipment that improves energy efficiency of HVAC components.

Rugged designs andd reliable results

HVAC systems initially installed in a building will not function at design specifications upon startup. Adjusting the system to design specifications requires testing, adjusting, and balancing. Adjusting will ensure systems meet occupant comfort requirements, achieve HVAC design specifications, maintenance intervals, will improve energy efficiency and conservation, and ensure efficient operation.

Wohler manufactures a wide range of instruments that can help you achieve HVAC system specifications. The newest model, the Wohler A 450, provides the flexibility you need for your applications like checking furnace efficiency, boiler tuning, and water heater checks.

From new construction to renovation - HVAC testing and monitoring you can rely on

Many existing buildings have experienced some type of change from their original design, such as renovation, new construction, or a change of function. In such cases, Wohler test and measurement instruments are critical in testing and balancing HVAC systems to ensure maximum operating efficiency and occupant comfort.

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