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Wohler International Partnermeeting 2017

Recently, the Wohler USA team along with two valued distributors had the chance to visit corporate headquarters in Bad Wunnenberg, Germany.

A view into the German assembly of Wohler
Wohler International Partnermeeting 2017

In total, 50 visitors from 18 nations were able to participate in thought-provoking workshops, learn about new Wohler products in the works, and attended one of the world's largest trade shows for innovative bathroom, energy-efficient heating, air conditioning and renewable energies: ISH. Plumbing-and-heating brands familiar to U.S. contractors, engineers, wholesalers and manufacturers reps were among the 2,482 exhibitors at ISH 2017 taking place March 14-18 in Frankfurt, Germany. Exhibitors and attendees travel from all over the world travel bi-yearly to attend the massive exhibition.

Here’s what one distributor had to say about the experience:

"I had the chance to visit the corporate office of Wohler in Germany and what I can simply say is wow!  I had no idea the company was so vast. It had to be one of the cleanest factories I have ever toured. We had the chance to see up close the manufacturing of Sewer Cameras along with the specialized equipment for manufacturing even the smallest parts. Wohler has over 175 staff running all global operations from their office in Germany. It was an unforgettable firsthand experience and I would like to thank the entire team in Germany for opening their arms in welcoming us there. I guess when you invest a good amount of money in tools; it is nice knowing there is a strong 80+ year old company there backing you up! United Infrared is proud to have Wohler as our Platinum Sponsor for Thermal Imaging Conference and we look forward to sharing all the wonderful technology they bring forward."

-Peter Hopkins, VP United Infrared

One of the new products we learned about is the Wohler A 450 Residential Flue Gas Analyzer.  You can catch a preview of it here!

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