From Pipeinspection to Petcontrol! Wohler Inspection Camera user finds his Pet Iguana burrowed 7 feet down!

Unique use of the Wohler sewer camera! Finding a pet Grand Cayman iguana who scurried several feet below the earth. (Photo sent in by United Infrared)

Our customers are finding new and unique applications for the Wohler VIS 350 pipe inspection system every day! From the typical sewer lateral and pipe inspections, to finding pets (and pests)!

Here you see a photo of a Cayman Island iguana captured with the Wohler pipe inspection system, sent in from our affiliate United Infrared. Recently, a customer noticed his pet was missing. Using the Wohler VIS 350 pipe inspection system, he was able to carefully locate his missing iguana, hiding almost 7 feet below! 

Sewer cameras such as the Wohler VIS 350 pipe inspection system operated by professionals have the capacity to snake through a sewer system under a building. A ridged camera head at the end of the heavy duty cable, typically a hundred or more feet long, can show clearly evidence of broken sewer pipes, broken connections and other issues such as wild life and other pests burrowing within.

Used in the typical application, pipe inspection systems and Sewerscan video inspections help determine the root of any sewer lateral and plumbing issue. Since pipes are underground, video pipe inspection services can add to any company reputation, as an honest and reliable. The proof is in the video footage!

Pipe inspection systems and video inspection footage allows you to fix piping problems efficiently, by seeing the whole problem in detail and pinpoint its location. Since Sewerscan inspections allows us to accurately determine the problem without digging up large patches of ground, your customers will be pleased that this service actually saves them money.  

Adding pipe inspection systems and Sewerscan training to your company service offerings is most importantly it has the potential to save time and money. When we use a video camera to identify the problem within your customers piping system, it will take much less time and expense. Taking a risk and not inspecting a pipeline for possible issue, even if it’s relatively new piping, can still have structural issues.

The application possibilities are endless! How do you use your VIS 350 pipe inspection system? Feel free to send in snap shots and videos of your work!

Photo Caption: Photo sent in from affiliate United Infrared! 

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