Combustion Analyzer Calibration 101


Do you send in your combustion analyzers to be calibrated before or after each busy season? There’s no better way to ensure your equipment is always accurate than sending it in to a trained technician for a full inspection.

Why Should I Have My Combustion Analyzer Calibrated?

Calibration of combustion analyzers is required because over time calibration accuracy decreases, sensors may need replacing, and overall “wear and tear” of an analyzer may start to take a toll. While in use, analyzers can be exposed to rough handling, drops, bumps, over ranging of sensors and chemical exposure. 

What if I Don’t Have My Combustion Analyzer Calibrated?

If you use a combustion analyzer, then you know how crucial correct measurements and readings are. Incorrect readings and measurements can have long term consequences. These consequences affect not only your business reputation but also can affect your customer’s health and wellbeing. To ensure accurate readings, always have a trained professional calibrate your gas analyzer.

How Often Should My Combustion Analyzer Be Calibrated?

Typically, you should send in your combustion analyzer for calibration every one to two years, depending on what sensors you have. After wear and tear, readings can stray from accuracy. Certain gas sensors have life spans of two years or less, and should then be replaced for accurate measurement readings.


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