Before making a purchase, try before you buy!

Wohler VIS Series

Different jobs require different tools! Try before you buy!

Find the right tools for your jobs through companies that offer rentals on visual inspection cameras and equipment. Trying a product for a week to see if it fits your needs before you commit to a full purchase has endless benefits. Renting pipe inspection systems before buying can save you money, time, and give you confidence in your purchase.

The Benefits of Renting Inspection Equipment 

Temporary equipment needs: A main reason people rent equipment is to fulfill a temporary need for additional equipment. This need can be to complete a one-time job, to continue business operations while your existing tools are out for repairs and maintenance, or for a specialized application that falls outside the scope of your current capabilities and service offerings. For example: Not all home inspectors offer pipe inspection/sewer inspection services, so renting a pipe inspection system for a few jobs would be an ideal solution to meeting the needs of their clients.    

Reduce upfront costs: leasing opportunities for NDT pipe inspection systems can reduce upfront costs. Many companies choose to rent equipment rather than purchase new right away. Rental of equipment shows up differently on a business's balance sheet, which frees up capital for other expenses. Depending on the company and the situation, renting equipment can actually make better use of your budget and reduce upfront costs. 

Try before you buy: Renting equipment allows you and your team to try a piece of equipment before making a purchase decision. See if a specific machine is right for you by testing it in real-world conditions. Renting beforehand can help avoid buying a tool that's not a good fit for what you may be looking for. If you decide your equipment rental unit is the right fit for you, convenient rent-to-own programs where a portion of your rental fee is put towards a down payment help save money and give peace of mind about the purchase.  

Education opportunities and training: Many rental companies provide accredited educational training opportunities about the pipe inspection systems and other tools you are looking to rent. Even if you’ve used a similar pipe inspection system or other tool before, every system and brand offers different features you should know about. For instance, when you’re looking to rent or purchase a sewer/pipe inspection systems, here are some features to keep in mind that not all systems offer:

  • Pan and Tilt Camera head
  • Built in sonde/ sonde frequency 
  • Video, voice recording, and still photo functions
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, and internal storage capabilities 
  • Detachable bright lighting
  • Length of cable reel

Check out places to rent the Wohler VIS series pipe inspection cameras here! 

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