Add Air Duct Celaning to your services with Wohler!

Wohler VIS 350 Video Inspection

Expanding your service offerings can regulate your work load and eliminate “seasonal” work. Adding duct cleaning to your services can help to produce profits all year long.

Connecticut Steam Cleaning Inc. utilizing the Wohler VIS 350 inspection camera for duct inspecting and cleaning

The EPA recommends that air ducts be cleaned as needed — such as when mold, pests or excessive debris clutter the system. Professional visual inspection systems and a variety of Viper Sweeping equipment from Wohler can make doing the job easy and allow your staff to get the job done quickly and efficiently.  These systems help inspect and clean flues, chimneys, ductwork and also sewer lateral pipelines.

The VIS 350 inspection camera is perfect for duct cleaning because it has a flexible 100 ft. push rod cable that can snake through ducts and HVAC systems with ease. The VIS 350 also includes a pan and tilt camera head for clear and full inspection of the duct. Other duct inspection cameras only see directly in front of them and are not able to pan and tilt the camera head to view side walls of ducts and passageways. It is important to have a duct inspection camera to view HVAC systems and detect dust, mold, contamination, asbestos and over all condition.

A duct inspection camera such as the Wohler VIS 350 is packed with features making it ideal for a number of applications and jobs such as home inspection and sewer scan inspections. The pan and rotate camera heads allows you to see all area of the duct. There is a "return home" feature that orients the camera forward with the press of a button for easy navigation when inspecting HVAC ductwork. A distance counter tells the operator how far the duct inspection camera has travelled to locate any problem. For even more accurate location there is an optional Wohler L 200 locator, which can locate the duct camera head and eliminate unnecessary tear down. There is a wide variety of accessories to complete your inspection camera kit, such as brushes and camera head guides help to center the VIS 350 duct camera to improved inspection results, camera head sleeves to protect the camera head and a bright LED light kit to illuminate dark spaces.

Air duct cleaning can add value to your business

  • HVAC / Plumbing
  • Fire & Water Restoration
  • Chimney Sweep & Masonry Repair
  • Building & Construction
  • Property Management

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