Many homes are equipped with ventilation systems. Typical residential ventilation systems are often neglected. Polluted air ducts pose a threat to the health of the inhabitants of the house and also cause higher running costs, so it is recommended to clean them (or have them cleaned) periodically.

Performing the cleaning

When cleaning a ventilation system, it is advisable to work with negative pressure, i.e. with a suction device. All openings that are not needed for cleaning should be closed during this process in order to achieve the highest possible vacuum. With this method, loosened dust and dirt is sucked directly out of the air duct. Cleaning with brushes is particularly suitable for round and oval air ducts. Angular ducts will benefit more by being cleaned with compressed air.

In the case of brush cleaning, there are hand-operated vipers and rotary vipers that are set in rotation with the help of a cordless screwdriver. Unlike plug-in cleaning systems, they can be operated in both clockwise and counterclockwise rotation. It is not necessary to plug rods together one by one; therefore saving you time and cost on extra tools/equipment.

After the ventilation system has been cleaned, it is recommended to use an inspection camera to check whether or not the dirt has been thoroughly removed. This is also the best way to document the before/after effect.

Cleaning an air duct with the Wohler Viper M Plus
Cleaning an air duct with the Wohler Viper M Plus