Warranty extension (by 1 year)

Wöhler A 550 IND Flue Gas Analyze
Item no. 599

Warranty extension (by 1 year)

The world's first multi-functional analyzer for onsite mass concentration measurements of total suspended particulate matter in flue gas, O2 and CO, draft and stack temperature. The Wöhler SM 500 analyzer will give you immediate readings.
Laboratory based analysis becomes superfluous.
The all new TUV certified technology allows onsite mass concentration measurements on all solid fuel fired appliances. Mass concentration limits as low as 20 mg/m³ (maximum emission rate of wood stoves in Germany) can accurately be verified.

The simple user interface and the technician-friendly 4 button key pad make your work fast and accurate. The brilliant full color LED display shows the mass concentration and all combustion values on one screen. After the sampling process the instrument automatically calculates all results to allow compliance testing for solid fuels.

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Warranty extension (by 1 year)
Wöhler A 550 INDUSTRIAL Flue Gas Analyzer
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