Wohler VIS 500 Chimney Camera

with 1.5" camera head & cable reel
Item no. 12143

Wohler VIS 500 Chimney Camera

The perfect chimney sweep camera must be an all-rounder, suitable for any application. No matter whether for inspection from the roof or through an inspection opening from below: With the Wöhler VIS 500 inspection camera, you are relying on a proven system from the specialist with brand new technology. Even dark chimneys are brightly illuminated by the camera LEDs and additional lighting, so you can see more than others. Due to the exchangeable camera heads, you are perfectly equipped for all applications. You simply control the rotatable and tiltable camera head via a key pad, so that you have everything in view. The monitor then provides you with razor-sharp and true-color images on which you can see every detail exactly. This means you no longer have to spend time guessing. Your acceptances are based on facts that you can show your customer. You can choose to store images and videos in the camera's large internal memory or on a USB stick, which you can hand over to the customer if desired.
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Absolutely suitable for craftsmen

For inspection from above, carry the monitor in front of your body in the secure carrying strap system so that you have both hands free. If you are inspecting from below, you can operate the camera directly from the practical case. The system is modular, so that you have the camera at hand with just a few grips, just as you need it for your upcoming mission.

Perfect images for your targeted use

Ready to use immediately: open the case - turn on the camera - get started. It couldn't be more practical. With the Wöhler L 200 Locator, damaged areas can be located non-destructively. The Locator also facilitates orientation, especially in the case of chimneys with an unknown course, e.g. when flue pipe connections are to be made.


Overview Wöhler Inspection Cameras

 Wöhler VIS 250
Inspection Camera
Wöhler VIS 500 
Inspection Camera
Wöhler VIS 700 HD
Inspection Camera

Pan and tilt camera head 1.5"




Color camera head 1" dia

optional & interchargeable

optional & interchargeable

OperationKeyboard integrated in case Control pad on monitor unitJoystick / Touchscreen
Anti slide standOptional anti slide mat Optional anti slide mat
Adjustable focus  
Distance measurement  
Voice recording via optional headset
Display position and angle 
Video & Photo recording4 GB SD memory card4 GB internal memory or optional USB-stick32 GB SD memory card, no internal memory
Home function 
Transmitter in camera head 
Wohler VIS app incl. report function 
Operating time2 x 2 hours6 hours4 hours
different configurations possible 
Removable camera rod 
All properties
Modular system

one monitor, many applications through upgrade sets

Intuitive handling

with uniform operating concept of the Wöhler VIS series

Position and angle indication

of the camera head in the display

All-round view

Waterproof rotatable and pan and tilt camera head Ø 1,5"

Bright illumination

with camera LEDs and optional additional lighting

Sound and voice recording

via headset

Storage of photos and videos

Documentation on site for you and your customers


High resolution images

Home Function

for aligning the camera head in a straight position - display parallel to the pipe

Easy cleaning

Double-shell case with separate compartment for the camera rod for cleaning with water


Integrated transmitter in the camera head enables exact localisation of the camera head

Wöhler Video inspection app

operation, image view and report

mains-independent operation

due to lithium-ion battery with up to 6 hours working time


Direct storage of photos and videos on the integrated memory (4 GB) or on a USB stick

Additional Information
for visual inspection of chimneys and flue systems

Scope of Delivery:
Wohler VIS 500 monitor with 7" TFT widescreen color monitor
Glare shield
Lithium-ion battery
Wohler pan- and tiltable camera head Ø 1.5", detachable
Camera cable 65'
Cable reel
USB charger with USB-C cable
Transport Case XXL
Camera Holder

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