Wohler VIS 250 Inspection Camera

with camera head 1"
Item no. 6253

Wohler VIS 250 Inspection Camera

Wohler's innovative VIS 200/ 250 service camera enables you to easily analyze damage in pipes of 1 1/2" dia and larger – and no power outlet required. Compact by design and powered by a rechargeable battery, this complete camera set is supplied in a plastic case. The camera head features a powerful, integrated light to allow you to precisely analyze damage in waste water pipes (at least 1 1/2" dia) and inspect downpipes as well as flue gas lines. Absolutely essential to analyze damage quickly!

Locate damage and inspect:

  • Waste water pipes of 1 1/2" dia and larger
  • Ventilation lines of 1 1/2" dia and larger
  • Inspect hollow spaces, e.g. in front-wall installations
  • Flue gas lines up to approx. 6" dia
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Clear view, when space is tight

In addition to competently analyzing hidden defects in all types of buildings, the Wohler VIS 250 provides you with transparent on-the-spot damage diagnostics.
Thanks to its user-friendly handling and instant start-up characteristics, you not only ensure your customers are satisfied but you can also feel relaxed about meeting the challenges ahead. The integrated video memory allows you to fully document your inspection work. The camera saves a video of the voyage of the camera head through the pipe. It passes even several 90° bends without problem. With a simple touch of a button a photo of a damaged spot can be made and stored.

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Intelligent camera head guides and tracks

We have brought the localization of the damage to perfection so that it is easy to estimate the cost for the repair. The distance to the camera head is indicated in the display as well as the position. This helps very much in run of ducts. The display always shows where the top and the bottom of the duct are. The user also sees the exact angular momentum in which the camera head is pushed upwards or downwards. With the new Wohler L 200 Locator it is even possible and economic to locate the camera head via radio.

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Product comparison
 Wöhler VIS 200Wöhler VIS 250
Color camera head 1" dia
Electronic metering
Transmitter integrated in camera head 
Video settings 
Photo & Video Recording 
Position indicator 
Forward/rewind videos 
Illumination system, dimmable 

All properties
Cristal Clear Screen

Bright TFT color monitor for razor-sharp images

Store video footage and photos

On a 4 GB SD card (Wohler VIS 250)

Transmitter integrated

In camera head makes it possible to precisely locate the camera head

Position indicator

Ensures the user knows where top and bottom are in the pipe at all times (Wöhler VIS 250)

Light-sensitive camera head


According to IP 68

Mobile solution

Fully equipped in a robust, plastic case

Electronic metering

Displayed on monitor

Operating time: 2 x 120 min

With 2 rechargeable batteries (optional)

Data exchange

Via mini USB cable (Wohler VIS 250)

Additional Information
Visual inspection camera for sewer and water pipes, drain and flue lines, ductwork, etc.

Scope of Delivery:
Wohler VIS 250 Inspection Camera with electronic distance counter
Carrying case
Anti-slide mat
Wohler miniature camera head Ø 1", fixed
7" TFT color monitor with 6' connection cable (removable monitor)
100' push rod Ø 0.26"
1 NiMH battery with charger
Guidance sleeve
Guidance ball
4 GB SD card and mini USB cable
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