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Star Brushes

Sweep Instruments

Stars are available in different materials and sizes. Please check the download section below for further information.

Sweep Instruments
Material Overview
MaterialHardness and properties
Stainless Steel Flat Wire (Not suitable for stainless steel pipes)soft
medium hard
very hard, In galvanized version
Stainless Steel Crimped Wire (For stainless steel pipes)soft
medium hard
HTsoft, High Tech fiber for light sweeping, stable plastic bristles, heat tolerant up to approx. 482 °F
Perlonsoft, Plastic bristles for stainless steel pipes, heat tolerant up to approx. 122 °F
VA (Wire) corrugatedsoft, for Star Brushes and Threaded Brushes


The Stars is available in different versions and can therefore offer the perfect solution for many applications.

Ø 8", soft, Pack of 3
Item no. 140203
8", 0.05"
Item no. 13720
stainless steel flat wire, very hard
Item no. 14240
6", 0.05"
Item no. 13715
10", 0.05"
Item no. 13725
12", 0.05"
Item no. 13730
16", 0.05"
Item no. 24
Item no. 13815
stainless steel flat wire, soft
Item no. 14020
0.05" bristles
Item no. 2018
Item no. 13825
Item no. 13820
0.08" bristles
Item no. 8140
Item no. 3710
Item no. 13830
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