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Cleaning tools
With Wöhler Snap & Sweep quick and thorough sweeping is a simple one man show. Different cleaning tools can be connected to the sweeping rods with snap-in quick connectors. The perfect preparation for every on-site sweeping situation. The rods can be rotated by a cordless screwdriver or drill, so that even persistent soot will be easily removed. You can attach additional rods in seconds, so that you only work with the rod length you need: Step by step, rod by rod you can work through the whole chimney. The Wöhler Snap & Sweep carrying bag ensures clean transportation and a clean work area as well, because it can also be used as a protection pad. Simple. Quick. Professional. Your customers will be impressed!
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Wöhler sweeping rods with snap-in quick connectors for connecting a cleaning attachment on one side and for connecting another rod or a cordless screwdriver on the other side.

Brushes in different sizes with snap-in quick connector for cleaning brick chimneys, stainless steel chimneys or plastic pipes.

Carrying bag for clean transportation of sweeping rods. Fully unrolled, the bag serves as a protection pad for storing tools during work.

Universal rotary head with snap-in quick connectors, for quick pick-up of chains or nylon wires. This allows you to be perfectly equipped for all requirements on site.

Stainless steel chain for removing persistent soot in brick chimneys. Simply hang it onto the universal rotary head.

Nylon wires for all kind of chimneys, even for sensitive clay pipes. Simply thread into the universal rotary head.

Drill adaptor for connecting the cleaning rods to a cordless screwdriver or drill.

Protection bag for sweeping attachments for clean transportation and storage of the sweeping attachments.

Wöhler Snap & Sweep ® Regular
Set "Chimney"
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