Wohler Rotary Viper M5

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Wohler Rotary Viper M5

Rotary Brush System for cleaning dryer vents with diameter up to Ø 5.5". The included wiping head is ideal for removing lint from dryer vents and the flexible viper handles any duct with ease.

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All properties
Very flexible

through compact head attachments

Small wiping head

No power cord

operation with cordless screwdriver

Additional Information
Due to its short, compact retainer for the wipe head and brush head, the Wöhler Rotary Viper Vent is suitable for narrow bends in ventilation pipes with round profiles from Ø 2.5" and flat oval profiles from 2" x 4".
The wipe head allows a dust-free cleaning of the inner pipes surface.

Scope of Delivery:
Wohler Rotary Viper M5 50'
Brush head perlon Ø 5.5"
Wipe head with two wiping cloths Ø 5.5"

How to Clean Air Ducts With Brushes
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How to Clean Air Ducts With Brushes

Many homes are equipped with ventilation systems. Typical residential ventilation systems are often neglected. Polluted air ducts pose a threat to the health of the inhabitants of the house and also cause higher running costs, so it is recommended to clean them (or have them cleaned) periodically.