Residential Duct Cleaning Set

incl Rotary Viper, Mini Viper, Endoscope
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Residential Duct Cleaning Set

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The Wohler Residential Duct Cleaning Set offers everything newcomers & professionals need to clean household air ducts and dryer vents.

The Wohler Rotary Viper is the perfect tool for cleaning round and oval vents up to Ø12" diameter. It is easy to guide, very flexible and can be operated by a cordless screwdriver. 3 different sized Perlon Brushes ensure that you have the right cleaning tool for all common air ducts. With a length of 16', every spot can be reached comfortably, while at the same time offering comfortable handling.

The Wohler Viper S impresses with a robust GRP rod, low weight and a length of 50'. With the Mini Hole Stars included in the set, standard dryer vents can be easily cleaned without much effort and without having to rely on a compressor or power supply. It is suitable for both right- and left-handed users and fits into almost any toolbox due to its small size.

The set is completed by the Wohler VE 400 HD-Endoscope incl. 3' and 10' probe with 0°/90° all-round view. Due to the narrow probe diameter it always finds a way to inaccessible places to take great pictures in Full-HD quality. It is perfect for documenting the before-and-after effect during professional ventilation cleaning and has a large 5" HD color monitor. The additional lamp on the device makes working in the dark easier and is a practical feature that the professional quickly learns to appreciate.

Impress your customers with razor-sharp images and professional Wohler tools!

Scope of Delivery:
- Wohler Rotary Viper M10 16'
- Perlon Brush 7'
- Perlon Brush 10'
- Perlon Brush 12'
- Wohler Viper S
- Mini Hole Star 4"
- Mini Hole Star 6"
- Wohler VE 400 HD-Endoscope incl. 3' HD Probe
- HD Probe 10' for Wohler VE 400 Endoscope
- Protection Bag for VE 400 and HD-Probe