Pressure / Leakage

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TÜV certified
4 Pa-Test
Leakage Test
Differential Pressure
Gas Sniffing
in plastic case
Item no. 7707
Display indication in inWC and °F
Item no. 11196
Digital Manometer
Item no. 7006
Manometer Kit
Item no. 7335
Item no. 7135
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Wohler pressure gauges and leakage testers are perfect for checking gas leaks. These measurements are a crucial step during the new installation process, for example, for water and gas pipes. Leakage and pressure gauges help especially in the plumbing and heating industry, home inspection and other industries. Wohler offers different leakage and measurement testers for a variety of application scenarios, from air quality and liquids testing to gas and pressure gauges. Some pressure gauges built in memory for keeping data from job to job.