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Ventilation System
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65' long
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6", 0.05"
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8", 0.05"
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10", 0.05"
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16' - Set
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Wohler is a manufacturer of professional chimney cleaning tools appreciated by chimney sweeps around the world. For almost 90 years we have been producing chimney sweep brushes of all kinds, such as flexible chimney cleaning rods or rotary chimney cleaning tools. Our vipers are suitable for cleaning chimneys as well as our Snap&Sweep chimney cleaning kit. The Snap&Sweep system is a flexible rods kit with several extension rods.

Our chimney cleaning systems are suitable for all types of chimneys, flue pipes and smoke chambers, for metal flues as well as for masonry chimneys. Please feel free to contact us for advice on the right chimney cleaning brush. Our assortment contains all kinds of professional chimney sweep brushes, poly brushes for high temperatures, soft brushes for poly chimneys or wire chimney brushes. For large deposits of creosote in the chimney we also offer a solution with our heavy-duty viper. Let us advise you and we will find a solution for every case!