Wohler HF 550

Wood Moisture Meter
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Wohler HF 550

Precise, reliable and features cutting edge technology: That is how you like to work. Then the Wöhler HF 550 is right for you: Just one instrument is required to measure the moisture of firewood logs and bulk materials.

The moisture content of solid fuels is often the cause for complaints when monitoring the threshold values of household fireplaces. However, using fuels with an appropriate moisture content can significantly reduce the emission of ollutants. This is where the Wöhler HF 550 provides ideal support: It even measures the moisture of wood chips in conformance with applicable standards. The instrument automatically recognizes if a probe is connected to measure the moisture of firewood logs or bulk materials. It switches to the corresponding menu and assists the measurement process with straightforward information. That guarantees the measurement conforms to the specifications contained in VDI 4206, Part 4 – with very little effort.

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Unconditional versatility

Measure moisture of firewood logs and bulk materials with just one instrument

Unconditional precision

TÜV tested

Unconditionally user-friendly

Intuitive menu navigation, color display, integrated data management

Unconditionally robust

Robust instrument – robust probe

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Wohler HF 550 Wood Moisture Meter
Temperature Probe HF 550
Wood moisture lance probe
USB power supply
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How to measure the moisture content of logs

In wood combustion, the wood moisture is a criterion for the quality of the fuel. The higher the moisture, the more difficult it is to use the theoretical energy content in practice. During combustion, the water must be heated and evaporated. This heat is extracted from the combustion heat. The result is relatively low flame temperatures and smoldering gases. If the temperatures are below a certain value, incomplete combustion occurs. This results in poor efficiency, pollutants and odor emissions.