Wöhler FA 410 Fan anemometer Set

with Wöhler FA 4xx measuring funnel set
Item no. 4155

Wöhler FA 410 Fan anemometer Set

  • Measurement of air speed, temperature, humidity at the air vents
  • Measurement of CO2 at the air vents (Wöhler FA 430 only)
  • Detection of air leaks
  • Integrated measurement of volume flow
  • Direct measurement of volume flow at air vents in combination with the cone
  • Measured data display and management in the Wohler FA 4xx App
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All properties
Easy handling

With automatic identification of the cone

Measurement report

via IR-transfer to the Wöhler TD 100 Thermal Fast Printer

Wöhler Telescope Handle

e.g. for ceiling vents

Selectable units

m/s, fpm, ppm, m³ / h, CFM, °C, °F, %, rF, cm², Inch²

Backlight LC display


Min- / Max-Function

Additional Information
Scope of Delivery:
Wöhler FA 410 Fan anemometer
4 x AAA batteries
Plastic case
Wöhler FA 4xx measuring funnel set with rectangular and round measuring funnel
in a handy carrying bag; funnels can be clipped onto the fan anemometer
Rectangular funnel: 1 x 1'
Round funnel: 0.7' diameter
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Further topics:

To ensure good indoor air quality and ideal air distribution within a residential ventilation system, it is important that the volume flows at air vents are set correctly. The growing awareness of good indoor air quality is manifested, for example, in the IDPH Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality. From time to time, it is therefore advisable to check the air flows by means of measurement. There are various methods that can be used here, such as funnel measurement with a large vane manometer or hot wire anemometer.