Wöhler DP 700 Leakage Tester EN

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    Wöhler DP 700 Leakage Tester EN
    Wöhler DP 700 Leakage Tester EN
    Wöhler DP 700 Leakage Tester EN

    Wöhler DP 700 Leakage Tester EN

    Ever-increasing demands are being placed on the energy efficiency of VAC systems. In that respect the leak-tightness of ductwork has a particularly important role to play. This aspect holds the greatest potential for saving energy, if it is possible to adapt the air flow to actual requirements in conjunction with low leakage rates. In this respect, low device-and ductwork leakages will in future need to be taken into consideration a great deal more. Consequently, corresponding measurements will gain in importance.

    • Leakage tests in large air leakage ranges: From individual components through to complete systems consisting of several 100 m²
    • Leakage tests on air-conditioning units, switchgear cabinets, climatic test cabinets, heat exchangers, cabinets for clean room technology and other housings
    • Leakage testing of rooms
    • On-site and laboratory measurements on structural components (e.g. OSB boards, windows)
    • Can be integrated into the final inspection routine of series production runs including optional program remote control, (controlled from a PC via USB port)
    • Suitable for tests of lower output performance (40 l/s), 110 V, 60 Hz
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    Wöhler DP 700 Leakage Tester, air hose 3.75 m, air hose 4 m – for adapter, pressure hose 10 m, calibration report, power cable 2.5 m, adapter 0.3, 2 brass nipples, hose connection for negative pressure, filter pad, silicone grease, 2 transport cases
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