Wohler DH 420 Pneumatic Viper

Item no. 7580

The ideal instrument for cleaning ventilation pipes.


  • Wohler Compressed Air Cleaning – Standard Set

    • Counterclockwise rotating helicopter nozzle causes a forward movement

    • Easy operation

    • Cleaning of pipes up to 23 ft possible

  • Wohler DH 420 Pneumatic Viper

    • Easy operation due to the belt holder – you have free hands!

    • Cleaning of 10 m pipes possible

    • Due to the glass fiber reinforced plastic the hose can be pushed easily

  • Wohler Compressed Air Cleaning – Professional Set

    • Easy operation of the Pneumatic Viper due to the belt holder

    • Appropriate for small and big pipes

    • Extension possible due to the hose reel

Additional Information
for compressed air cleaning of ventilation ducts

Scope of Delivery:
Wohler DH 420 Pneumatic Viper 33' incl. stop valve & compressed air connection
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