Wöhler DH 420 Pneumatic Viper

Item no. 7580

Wöhler DH 420 Pneumatic Viper

The ideal instrument for cleaning ventilation pipes.


  • Wöhler Compressed Air Cleaning – Standard Set
    • Counterclockwise rotating helicopter nozzle causes a forward movement
    • Easy operation
    • Cleaning of pipes up to 23 ft possible
  • Wöhler DH 420 Pneumatic Viper
    • Easy operation due to the belt holder – you have free hands!
    • Cleaning of 10 m pipes possible
    • Due to the glass fiber reinforced plastic the hose can be pushed easily
  • Wöhler Compressed Air Cleaning – Professional Set
    • Easy operation of the Pneumatic Viper due to the belt holder
    • Appropriate for small and big pipes
    • Extension possible due to the hose reel
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Compressed-air cleaning

Compressed-air is your best option to choose when it comes to cleaning round as well as rectangular shafts and air ducts. The compressed-air cleaning equipment is available in different sets. Round and oval ducts can be effectively cleaned by the backward rotating helicopter nozzles. The air whips are being used in square and round air ducts, where they loosen even firmly bond dust. The used compressor should be capable of a permanent output capacity of at least 70 psi at a minimum volume flow of 14.7 CFM.

All properties
Easy operation

Hose can be pushed easily

Due to the glass fiber reinforced plastic (Wöhler DH 420)

Different sets available

Additional Information
for compressed air cleaning of ventilation ducts

Scope of Delivery:
Wöhler DH 420 Pneumatic Viper 33'
Stop valve
Compressed air connection
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