Flue Gas Analyzer

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TÜV certified for
NO Sensor
Backdraught Testing
Touch Screen
CO Range
Long Time Sensor
Powerfully simple
Powerfully simple - probe and hose assembly with start / stop function
Portable Flue Gas Emissions Analyzer with superior accuracy
With 5,000 ppm CO sensor
With 10,000 ppm CO sensor

Our compact and robust flue gas analyzer are perfectly suited for all applications around flue gas analysis. Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and combustion air temperature measurement to achieve better flue gas efficiency are easier than ever before, as all values are available directly at a glance on the large 5" display (Wohler A 450) or 7" display (Wohler A 550). Whether for residential or industrial flue gas analysis, with Wohler devices you are always well equipped. Different sets and product versions ensure that you always have the right device for your needs. The Wohler flue gas analyzer even allow you to replace our reliable & accurate sensors for combustion analysis yourself. Let us convince you of our practical design and the universal applicability of our flue gas analyzers!