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TÜV certified for
Temperature Display
Humidity / Dew Point
Fine Pressure
Air Speed
Data Logger Function
Temperature Probe
CO Range
NO Sensor
Energy efficieny / 4 Pa-Test
Long Time Sensor
Touch Screen
Backdraught Testing
Wood Humidity

Flue Gas Analysis

Powerfully simple - probe and hose assembly with start / stop function
Portable Flue Gas Emissions Analyzer with superior accuracy
Moisture measurement of firewood logs and bulk materials
With 5,000 ppm CO sensor
  • Switch on – read off – done
  • Rugged and compact analyzer that offers all measurement and tuning functions
  • High-resolution 5" color touchscreen: 14 measured values available at a glance
  • Future-proof network connectivity with Wireless LAN
  • Wohler A 450 app included
With 10,000 ppm CO sensor
  • Robuster Allrounder mit allen Messfunktionen nach 1. BImSchV und KÜO
  • Sicherheit durch hohen CO-Messbereich
  • TÜV-geprüft für Messungen an Blockheizkraftwerken auch ohne BHKW-Adapter
  • Kostenlose Wöhler A 450 App
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