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Our air duct cleaning equipment is well known and suited for every duct cleaning job. Contractors all over the USA rely on our tools for HVAC systems. We offer tools both for air compressor cleaning and brush cleaning by hand. Wohler air duct cleaning tools guarantee clean air ducts and cleaning duct work. Our Air Duct Cleaning Systems can also be used together with vacuum systems to clean air ducts with negative air pressure. Wohler Duct Cleaning Tools are suitable for professional Air Duct Cleaners as well as for first-time users or homeowners. Get your Wohler duct cleaning system now!

Why Are Clean Air Ducts Important?

In 2017, more than 1.5 million people died prematurely because of indoor air pollution, accounting for 3% of global deaths.

On average, Americans spend around 90% of their time indoors, which is why it's crucial to provide clean air for your clients. Finding the right air duct cleaning equipment is important, though. 

Keep reading to learn all about why vent cleaning is essential and how to choose the best duct cleaning equipment.

Is Cleaning Air Ducts Worth It?

When air ducts are dirty or contaminated, it's important to clean them. With growing concerns about air quality in general, homeowners and business owners have become much more diligent about duct cleaning.

Let's take a look at a few of the reasons that air ducts should be cleaned.

Animals and Contaminants

If you see evidence of animal nesting or infestation in your HVAC system, have the animals removed. Once they've been removed, clean your HVAC unit and your air ducts.

If you notice that debris, odors, pet hair, or any other contaminants are being released into your business or home through your air ducts, then your vents probably need to be cleaned.

If there's any visible mold growth anywhere within your HVAC system, you must have your ducts cleaned.

Renovation or Illness

If your building has recently been through lead paint or asbestos removal, you shouldn't hesitate to clean your HVAC air ducts. During any renovations, always seal ducts off. If they weren't, dangerous debris and dust could easily become lodged inside the ductwork.

Sometimes individuals suffer from unexplained allergies. If this is the case for any of your employees, loved ones, or clients, it could be time to clean your air ducts.

Benefits of AC Duct Cleaning

Air ducts in a business provide an essential function. They circulate the air from your HVAC system in and out of every room, allowing for consistent comfort throughout any season.

The air circulates throughout a building multiple times a day, which is why it needs to be as clean as possible. Some of the reasons why you should invest in air duct cleaning equipment and keep your vents clean are:

  • To reduce irritants and allergens
  • Help people breathe easier
  • Remove unpleasant odors and smells
  • Improve airflow efficiency
  • Create a cleaner environment

The Best Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

The most important thing to remember about cleaning air ducts is to clean them properly. 

Invest in equipment suited for any duct cleaning job. Whether you're looking for tools to brush clean by hand or for compressed air cleaning, we've got you covered. Our equipment is perfect for business owners and new homeowners alike.

Contractors and business owners all over the country rely on our equipment to keep their air safe and clean.

Invest in Your Clients' Health With Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

Have you been thinking about purchasing air duct cleaning equipment for your business?

From getting rid of contaminants and allergens to helping people breathe healthier, it's crucial to make sure your HVAC vents stay clean.

The good news is that you can do it yourself with the right tools.

Do you have questions about what would work best for your business? Contact us so that we can help you on your journey to cleaner air for you, your employees, your family, and your clients.

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